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Remembering Fritz

Sadly, Fritz is no longer with us but when he alive and
patrolling the aisles of Langguth's Gift Shop, customers
asked for him by name and the following information
was displayed on our site- we have no plans to remove

Fritz is a 16 year old, Dachshund, who loves supporting
the Ridley Park Business Association!  On any given
day, you can find Fritz trotting down E. Hinckley Avenue
engaging in some of his favorite activities: making
deposits at the bank; socializing at the local bar; sniffing
flowers at the florist; checking the trees for smells, or just
basking in the sun on the front steps of Langguth's.  

Fritz hard at work in his office.  
Fritz just loves visitors!  Stop in anytime to see him~ toss him a beanie baby to play with (his favorite game!)--
just don't let Mr. Langguth catch you!  Fritz won't bother you unless you approach him so always be nice to him or
a certain webmaster will not hesitate to talk to you about it = )

And last, but certainly not least, a personal request from Fritz, please watch where you step!!!!