Langguth's is serving as a drop off location for the Four Legged Food Drive.
Stop in today with your food donation!
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Phone:  (610) 521-5222
Address: Langguth's is located at 15 East Hinckley Avenue, Ridley Park, PA 19078
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Philadelphia’s Four Legged Food Drive is gearing up

June 21, 2009 : 12:31 PM
Helping Keep Pets At Home

In the past year more pets have been finding themselves homeless
because their families are facing tough economic times.

This summer Best Friends Team No More Homeless Pets volunteers
will be working in 13 cities, including Philadelphia, to collect pet food
for families in need in the First Home Forever Home Four Legged Food

June 28th - August 31st, Philadelphia’s team will be collecting
all kinds of sealed and unexpired pet food for the Loaves and Fishes
Food Pantry at two 'drop' locations throughout Delaware County:

Drop Locations and Drop Hours

Loaves and Fishes Food Pantry
Prospect Hill Baptist Church
703 Lincoln Avenue
Prospect Park, PA 19076
Drop Hours: 9:30 to noon on Tuesdays and on Thursdays from 10 a.
m. to 4 p.m
Langguth’s Gift Shop
15 East Hinckley Avenue
Ridley Park, PA 19078
Drop Hours: Mon-Sat between 9am - 7pm and Sunday's 9 am to 3 pm

The Loaves and Fishes Food Pantry is a non-denominational, non-sectarian food bank that supplies food to those in need in an area
roughly encompassing the Ridley and Interboro School districts in Delaware County, Pa. Its coverage area runs from Eddystone to
Glenolden and from Tinicum Township to Morton/Rutledge, although it does serve clients outside of those areas who cannot get to their
neighborhood pantries on the days they are open. They also work closely with county social workers and case workers, The Dept of
Public Welfare and Children and Youth Services, so their clients, who are eligible, can receive an adequate supply of food.

They serve all people, regardless of gender, age, race, religion, country of origin, sexual orientation, etc. and help more than 700 families
in more than 35 different communities.

Goals of the Four-Legged Food Drive

• To support food pantry work and current needs for pet food in local communities by collecting pet food that will help people keep their
pets in these difficult economic times
• To increase awareness about homeless animals and the goal of reaching a day when there are No More Homeless Pets

Why Do a Four Legged Food Drive?

With or without the downturn in the economy, every community has a homeless pet problem. In the past year, however, the number of
pets who become homeless via relinquishment and abandonment has increased because of current economic conditions, foreclosures
and joblessness.

In response, an increasing number of organizations provide pet food to people who need it, so Best Friends is responding to that need
because helping provide free pet food will help some people keep their pets, so we're going to work to help in that effort.

First Home Forever Home

The Best Friends First Home Forever Home campaign focuses on all aspects of helping people make and honor a lifetime commitment to
their pets. Millions of companion animals die every year in crowded shelters because their families decided to let them go for some
reason. Through education, intervention and action, First Home Forever Home provides guidance and resources to help people care for
their pets and keep them as loved members of their families.

How You Can Help

- If you live in the Philadelphia area and would like to volunteer please contact Volunteer Project Leader and PA Team Leader, Nicole.

- Spread the word to your friends and family about the food drive.

- Contact your local food bank to make a donation of pet food.

- Donate to the First Home Forever Home campaign. Your donation will support the First Home, Forever Home Campaign, and help keep
pets and their families happily together.

The Pennsylvania Team is also organizing a drive in the Pittsburgh area and will post information on the Pittsburgh drive shortly.