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What just a few of our customers have to say about us....

"Looking for the PERFECT gift then I have the PERFECT place to shop. Visit Langguth's Gift Shop in Ridley Park.
They have a great selection for whatever your needs. The staff are always friendly and helpful and the prices are
affordable too!!"
-- Jennifer Fisher

"Such a GREAT store year round and is most impressive during the holidays..." -- Deb Glover

"Been coming in to Langguth's for 30 years. Always loved it, very quaint and unique!  If anyone needs a special unique
gift, THIS IS THE STORE! The Employees are always kind and helpful, and the owner is a fantastic man always trying
to help!"
- Linda Marie Kauffman

"Where I always go to get my holiday decorations and bday cards!"-- Cameron Marino

"Your one stop destination for lottery tickets, greeting cards and other unique gift ideas. The staff is always friendly
and eager to help. A true treasure in Ridley Park."
-- Kevin Pierce

"I can always count on Langguth's to have what I need. Their staff is friendly and helpful. Whenever I need a gift, I
know that Langguth's will have the perfect selection at an affordable price. Langguth's Gift Shop is the place to go for
gifts in Delaware County!" -
- Stefanie Sbandi

"This is a great gift shop & well-worth going to their open house!  I missed their open house the past couple of years,
so glad I friended them [on Facebook] so I find out when they are!"
-- Carol Zaccarelli Small